Tiffany L. Werhner, MS, LMHC, PA

Qualified Supervisor, MHC

Becoming a Licensed Clinician is a very important step and advancement in your career.   Choosing the right Qualified Clinical Supervisior will be an important decision, as your supervsion is an essential piece towards becoming the type of therapist you aspire to be.  Tiffany Werhner has the qualifications and experience in counseling, teaching and supervising those in need of supervision and/or consultation.


Working from Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic models, she is well versed in differential diagnosing, formulating assessments, compiling treatment plans, and ensuring ongoing effective client care consistent with professional supervision norms and values. 


Clinical Supervision Tasks

SHBHCC contracts with the supervisee to perform the general supervisory tasks defined in clinical supervision literature and give attention to the following tasks:

• Overseeing the case-load and ensuring that the supervisee has good self-care practices

• Collaborating with the supervisee toward the acquisition of specific skills and knowledge related to working with diverse clients

• Providing, when asked to do so, information and feedback on counselling skills, therapeutic relationship, methods, theoretical models and techniques

• Scrutinizing ethical and legal issues while playing close attention to counter-transference issues

• Monitoring personalization issues, identifying concerns and referring supervisee for counselling when applicable (the supervisor will not engage in therapy with a supervisee)

• Case-conferencing and consulting with the supervisee concerning their case-conceptualization (assessment and diagnosis), treatment goals, therapeutic interventions, and treatment plans

• Helping supervisees to develop positive and professional working relationship with agencies, employers, in-house-supervisors, peers and colleagues

• Coming alongside the supervisee to ensure that professional development goals are reached



Clinical Supervisory Contract

• Each supervisee will collaboratively draw up a personalized supervisory contract with SHBHCC and Tiffany Werhner, MS, LMHC, PA, as the supervisor

• Supervisees are encouraged to review the applicable literature, assess their supervisory needs, and discuss their supervisory expectations with Tiffany Werhner, MS, LMHC, PA

• The goal of this is to come to a negotiated and agreed upon supervisor-supervisee contract that would meet the professional development needs of the supervisee

• The contract will clarify the supervisor’s ethical and legal responsibilities towards the supervisee and define the expectations and responsibilities of the supervisee

• The contract will include fees payable for supervision




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